President's message

Thank you for considering Automated Accounts to handle your collections.

When I started working in this industry thirty plus years ago, I was determined to be the best collector I could be. I believed I could accomplish that by being positive, upbeat and helpful to the clients I represent and to the consumers who, for whatever reasons, were unable to satisfy their obligations to those clients. As I learned the industry, I discovered that many of the consumers I spoke with were good, honest, hard-working people who, for a variety of reasons, had stumbled and fallen into financial difficulty. Using kindness and a positive approach, I was able to help them find a way to satisfy their obligations while maintaining their dignity and staying out of court. Most of the consumers I deal with thank me for helping them resolve their debts. I have become what I set out to be - a White Hat in a Black Hat industry.

Each of Automated's collectors knows and shares this philosophy. It is that desire to be a positive influence that keeps us together, makes us an effective team and creates an upbeat work environment. I am delighted to have assembled an amazing team of players that helps Automated Accounts maintain the standards I set out to meet. Members of our staff include eight employees that have been here for over a decade, and another ten that have been here over five years. Collectively, our staff has over 200 years of collection experience. I'd like to introduce you to a few of our key members:

Don Tuttle (Lt. Colonel USAF - Ret.) As our Vice-President, it is Don's quiet discipline that keeps Automated's office running smoothly. With his military background and nearly twenty years as the manager of a large, local paging company, Don's experience is one of our greatest assets. Don obtained a Master's degree and a Bachelor's degree in business from Louisiana Tech University. He is the on the board of Spokane's Downtown Exchange Club, Daedalions, Community Frameworks and Park Place Homeowner's Association

Timothy W. Durkop is our attorney. Mr. Durkop graduated from the Gonzaga University School of Law in 1992. He received his bachelor's degree in economics from San Diego State University. Prior to becoming Automated Accounts attorney, he specialized in consumer protection law. He has long been known to be an advocate of consumer rights and brings that knowledge to Automated Accounts, ensuring that we stay ahead of industry concerns and continue to be the white hat in a black hat industry.
These are just a few of the people that help Automated Accounts, Inc. run. I know I speak for each of us when I say, I look forward to seeing and getting to know you as we build our businesses together. Thank you for the opportunity to present Automated Accounts, Inc.

Warmest Regards,


Automated Accounts, Inc. BBB Business Review

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