Debt Collection

At Automated Accounts, Inc., a full-service collection agency, we provide business owners with useful information on debt collection solutions. We have more than 75 years experience in debt recovery and can assist you with education, guidance, and recovery services.

Business Debt Recovery

All business owners know that cash flow problems can run rampant. Unfortunately, many business owners are at a loss as to how to recover debt. By placing your past due accounts with a professional debt recovery agency you insure a constant and consistent level of communication with your past due customers and, in most cases, you will recover money owed to you.

The Automated Accounts Inc. Debt Collection Advantage

  • CREDIT REPORTS SHOULD SHOW DEBTS OWED TO YOU As a courtesy to you, we offer credit-reporting services on all debts and make that information available throughout the credit network.
  • COMPLETE EDUCATION SERVICES Our expert staff will provide your company with complete training in all aspects of credit and accounts receivable management, including a thorough examination of the collection process.
  • NO UP-FRONT INVESTMENT Automated Accounts Inc. will minimize your manual efforts, administrative hassles and labor costs while helping you maximize your efficiency and productivity.
  • AUTOMATED ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT An integrated mix of personal account management and automated account processing.
  • FULL-TIME ATTORNEY ON-STAFF Allows us to initiate legal proceedings without delays.
  • COMPLETE ONLINE SERVICES Free online access to accounts and results in real time.
  • DEBTOR LOCATION SYSTEMS & ACCOUNT SCORING All accounts are scored through the credit bureaus giving us a person's ability to pay and financial information. We have the means to locate debtors and their attachable assets to recover your lost revenue. We contact your debtors to advise and persuade them to pay debts owed to you.

Automated Accounts, Inc. BBB Business Review

Automated Accounts, Inc. BBB Business Review

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