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Automated Accounts Inc. would like to thank you for being a very special part of our family.

AAI attempts to create a “White Hat in a Black Hat Industry” centered on customer needs. That is, we start with the end in mind and create policies and procedures to ensure the desired results. Our Customer Service policies have always promoted goodwill between our client and their customers. We believe in treating all consumers with dignity, in the hope of maintaining your reputation with your customer.

We have provided some Frequently Asked Questions and hope this will answer any questions you may have.

Frequently asked Questions:

Can I, as the original creditor, accept payment from the consumer should they offer to pay me after I have listed the account for collection?

Answer: Yes, you may accept the consumer’s payment. This may be the fastest way to recover the monies due you. It is very important that you immediately notify the agency of the amount paid. This can be done by phone, fax or mail. You may also report payments if you are using our website at www.automatedaccounts.com if you do not have a log in and would like to access please contact our office.

This notification will insure neither you as the original creditor or we as your representative will be in violation of the Fair Dept Collection Act (FDCPA) or the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).The FDCPA requires all demands for payment be accurate. If the agency is unaware of payments made to you, we will continue to bill for the entire balance turned to us. The FRCA requires accuracy as well. AAI will credit report to the three major credit reporting agencies on your behalf. Inaccurate reporting due to lack of communication may cause both you as the original creditor and the agency to be violation of this act.

You will be billed for the commission due to the agency.
The Account was paid in less than 30 days after listing it for collection. Do I have to pay commission on that amount?

Answer: Once an account has been officially listed for collection with our agency, commission is due on all monies recovered.

Automated Accounts Inc. offers an optional program as a courtesy to our clients. Called Pre collection. One letter is sent on AAI letterhead warning the consumer their account will be listed with AAI as a bad debt if not paid in full within 30 days of the date on the notice. You will retain 100% of any monies recovered during that 30 day period whether it is paid directly to you or AAI, However AAI will direct any calls to you as the original creditor within that 30 day period for payment arrangements or payments. You also have the right to cancel the account from our agency prior to the 30 day period for any reason.

Are insurance payments and Worker's Comp payments subject to commissions?

Answer: Most insurance payments and Worker's Comp payments are made long before a client considers turning an account to collection. When the agency's representatives become involved in resolving any problems that have delayed these payments, there is normally significant time and money invested in the recovery of the account. Therefore, unless the payment was received by our client during the pre collection period, commission is due.

We do remove the Worker's Comp accounts that have no balance due from the consumer from credit reporting. Worker's Comp, not the consumer, is the responsible party for those balances.
May I contact a consumer regarding their bill after the account has been listed for collection?

There is an extremely high risk of causing the agency in violation of the FDCPA. Interest may accumulate at a slightly different amount due to minimal differences in computer systems. The amount being billed by the agency and the original creditor may be conflicting and confusing. The consumer may be double billed for the same amount and may have very real grounds to charge the agency with harassment and other violations of the FDCPA.

Accounts you choose to peruse yourself will be canceled and returned to your company.

You can accept calls from the consumer, answer questions, provide documentation, accept settlement arrangements etc. If you have contact with the consumer please let us know so we can represent you properly and stay informed of all the facts in recovering the debt.

Thank you,

Automated Accounts Inc.

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