Collection Philosophy

A. Approach to collections:
AAI's staff and employees are trained to work with your clients and help them fulfill their obligation. We treat people with fairness and respect. Payment arrangements are our first priority and lawsuits are filed as a last resort.
B. Work Standards:
AAI's collectors are expected to manage their given work units. They are expected to call phone numbers, send letters, and skiptrace. They are trained to request and review credit reports as well as many other reports available.
C. Initial Action Following account placement:
Our first letter goes out the day after an account has been placed in collections. An experian credit score is immediately requested on all accounts over $300.00. Seven days after an account has been entered it will be worked by a collector.
D. Frequency of debtor contact:
Debtors are contacted within the first seven days. The frequency of contact depends on the outcome of previous contacts and arrangements. A collector is expected to contact a debtor as often as necessary to maximize collections. Frequency of calls does not exceed the number allowed by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.
E. Supervisory Review:
Supervisors look at daily action summaries to determine number of calls, contacts, promises, letters sent, and skiptracing by collectors. They also will pull logs of accounts worked by collectors to be sure accounts have been worked properly.
F. Receipt and Processing of payments:
All payments are posted and processed by our Vice-President. When all of the daily payments have been posted he runs a daily remittance and all collectors are given payment sheets of payments posted to accounts in their unit. All payments are all reported to our clients monthly or weekly via a detailed trust statement.
G. Handling of problem accounts:
Account problems are handled by the collection supervisor. Our office manager and president are available for any problem account that cannot be handled by the collection supervisor.
H. Telephone Techniques:
Our collectors are continually trained on phone etiquette. They are expected to treat people the way they would want to be treated. Our collectors are trained with "The Unforgettable Telephone Collection Guide". Written by Gene Larsen.
I. Skip Tracing:
Our collectors have many tools available for skip tracing. The first is scoring which provides several attributes regarding a person's demographics. They are also trained on many websites that are available For skip tracing as well as many reports that are available through our software company and their vendors.
J. Client Priority:
AAI attempts to prioritize accounts based on collectability rather than client priority. However, clients with large volumes are closely monitored and audited internally.
K. Bankruptcies:
Once we receive notice of bankruptcy accounts are placed on hold and monitored until outcome has been decided. Proof of Claims are filed on behalf of our clients on chapter 13s.
L. Probate:
AAI files proof of claims on behalf of our clients.

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