QwikClient is offered at no cost. This allows clients to have real time direct access to our database. The benefits and abilities are listed below.

A. Account Information
  1. Account Inquiry- Our Clients are able to view accounts in collections, their balance, and current status. Clients are able to view a summary of what has been done on specific accounts. Clients are also able to send AAI notes on accounts, and notification of payments.
  2. Inventory- Clients can see an inventory of accounts they have listed in our database.
  3. Custom Queries- AAI can build custom account queries that clients can see and access.
B. Client Information
  1. Client Reports- Clients can access acknowledgments, trust statements and status reports.
  2. Client Statistics- Production analysis and and Actuary reports are available allowing clients to see real time collection results.
C. Data Entry
  1. Account Placement- Clients have the ability to list accounts online individually, saving paper, postage and time.
  2. File Upload- Clients can upload large files and attachments in one easy step.
  3. Pending Accounts- Clients are able to change or cancel appending accounts before they are loaded into our system.
D. Administration
  1. Contact Client Services- Clients are able to communicate with our staff via our online services.

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